History of Dab Pen

If you look at dab pens today, you will think they were invented just the other day. Like anything else, dab pens have a history. They began somewhere then gradually grew to this point. This article will learn about the history of dab pens, their development, and what we expect in the future. Let's get started;

Despite the difference, we see today, dabs and vapes started as one thing. Even today, we still see a lot of similarities between dabs and vapes. For example, dab and vapes are commonly made from cannabis, a plant that has existed for centuries.

It is believed that cannabis has been used for the longest time now. We have marijuana and hemp as the main types of cannabis plants. In the past, hemp was mainly used for fiber, while marijuana was used for recreational, medical, and other purposes like rituals.

During then, cannabis was mainly consumed through smoking. The anxious nature of human beings started to drive them into exploration. They wanted to come up with other ways of consuming weed. In the 5th century, Herodotus wrote about a new method that he had discovered, and this method is what we call dabbing today. 

Herodotus was from Egypt and is now the forefather of dabbing. During that period, it was called vaping since there was no significant difference. Herodotus explained in his writing how he had heat hemp seeds and inhaling the resulting vapor. Many people across Egypt took it positively and started using it instead of smoking because it was smooth down the throat.

After a time, some went back to smoking, claiming that vaping did not have strong effects as smoking did. After a few years, the technique got to SouthEast Asia before spreading throughout the continent. By the time it landed, it was called a hookah. Asians, just like Egyptians, received the technique with two arms and a lot of love.

It took quite a long time before the technique got to Europe and America. Dabbing or vaping got to Europe and America in the 20th century. This is where the history of modern dabbing begins. Until this period, there was still no ideal device for vaping.

For the first time, during this 20th century, Joseph Robinson came up with a Butane Ignition Vaporizer. Later, Herbert Gilbert came up with something more modern than Joseph's. Since then, dab pens have gone through further developments until what we see today.

How Have Dab Pens Developed?

From the day dabbing was introduced, development began in earnest. After the introduction of the first ideal vaping devices, companies started working towards improving them. It is through these improvements that you see what available today is.

The significant difference that everyone can see is in terms of size and style. Traditional dab pens were huge, and of today, you can find small dab pens that can fit in your pocket. Today several companies sell modern dab pens like Dr. Dabber, CBDistillery, and so on.

Another thing to note is that alongside cannabis, nicotine also played some role in dab pen development. Nicotine is a very addictive compound found in tobacco plants. Before cannabis became popular, most people were using nicotine. Nicotine is consumed the same way as cannabis.

What makes Dab Pens Popular?

Why is it that dab pens are so popular today? Credit for the popularity of dab pens is awarded to nicotine and cannabis, especially cannabidiol (CBD). Although nicotine is no longer popular as it was, it will be very unfair to say that it does not exist at all. CBD has outdone nicotine because CBD is believed to have medical benefits which can be used with CBD vape kit while nicotine, on the other hand, has disadvantages.

CBD dispensaries are recommending the use of methods like dabbing and vaping because of their health benefits. CBD is a drug and not medicine, this is why there is no prescription, and it is used to alleviate medical symptoms. As the method continues to be used, it continues to gain fame.

Future of Dab Lens

The future of dab pens is bright. We are at a stage where you wonder what else should be improved in dab pens. We have super small dab pens that can fit in the pocket, but companies and scientists still claim that we should expect more. Taking a look at where dab pens have come from, you can agree that more is on the way.

Will dab pens stay forever, or will they be replaced? This is a common question, but the answer is simple, technology will dictate. Dabbing is a method with many potential uses, but we are not sure about the future. Unless a new method of consumption that is better than dabbing is introduced, dab pens will remain forever.